Here in South Florida, sun protection is a must. We come into contact with the sun 365 days out of the year, yet many people don’t recognize the importance of including sunscreen in our daily skincare routines. By wearing sunscreen year round, you run less of a risk of developing skin cancer and other skin damages.

Protect your Skin with Sunscreen

Asides from the health benefits sunscreen has to offer, a sunscreen that is high in SPF also works wonders for slowing down aging skin. Better yet, sunscreen helps to prevent issues such as skin discoloration, facial red veins, and brown spots.

Sun damage can occur year round no matter what the weather, therefore it is encouraged to take the steps necessary to protect your skin for the long run.

At Brazelia Med Spa, skincare important to us. Here are some quick tips for fighting sun damage and premature aging by wearing sunscreen year round:

  • Be sure to wear a sunscreen of 15 SPF or higher whenever you spend time outdoors. This applies to any outdoor activity, from sports activities to walking to and from your car.
  • Don’t forget to cover often-missed spots, such as around your eyes, scalp, neck, and lips. It doesn’t hurt to cover your hands and feet, either.
  • Choose a sunscreen that best fits your lifestyle. Sunscreen is available in lotion, spray, cream, and stick forms. Most are labeled as sweat proof, water resistant, fragrance-free, or hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.
  • Remember to apply your sunscreen every 2 hours, especially when participating in outdoor activities such as swimming, or vigorous physical activity such as athletics or working out. Even sweating can make your sunscreen wear off when your skin is exposed to the sun.
  • Protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes by wearing UV-blocking sunglasses to prevent health issues such as cataracts and skin cancer. The sensitive area around your eyes is the most common spot for developing wrinkles, brown spots, and other sun-induced aging.
  • Stay in the shade when you know you’ll be outdoors for an extended period of time.
  • Loose fitting, long sleeve clothing helps protect your skin in places you may forget to cover with sunscreen. Long brimmed hats offer more sun protection than baseball caps.
  • Practice safe skin care by saying “no” to tanning salons and artificial tanning devices. Many people don’t realize that a tan is the skin’s response to the sun’s damaging rays. It’s important to limit your sun exposure and to keep it in moderation for anti-aging.

Fight against Skin Damage with Brazelia Med Spa

How will you fight against sun damage? At Brazelia Med Spa, we believe that sunscreen is one of the most valuable products to use in your everyday skincare routine.

We encourage good health and youthful skin, and through our services we strive to provide high quality anti-aging treatments and skincare solutions for every client

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