When it comes to skincare, you deserve only the best for your skin. With so many products on the market advertising effective and affordable skincare solutions, the options to customize your own routine are endless. So where does this leave you?

Developing a solid skin care regimen doesn’t have to be complicated. Your skin deserves high quality products you can count on. Here at Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center, we value the benefits that clinical grade skincare offers our patients.

Clinical skincare is scientifically formulated to help your skin in ways that store bought brands cannot. Unlike brands sold at drugstores and department stores, clinical grade skincare contains higher amounts of active ingredients targeted to your skin condition.

If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, here are 4 important facts to consider:

  1. Pharmaceutical grade skincare products are subject to FDA regulation and must meet the mandatory requirement that products are 99.9% natural ingredients, or less than 0.1% bacteria. Out of the large number of skincare products to choose from, only 5% of the entire skin care industry meets pharmaceutical grade standards.
  2. Store bought skincare products are not subject to regulations, safety testing, or required review of ingredients. In fact, the FDA allows cosmetic grade products to contain up to 30% bacteria. This is why most department store and drugstore brands suggest throwing away products after a certain amount of time.
  3. Clinical skincare products are composed of medically proven ingredients that are only available through a physician. These products are further developed through clinical and scientific research. While store bought skincare brands are also based on clinical research, the active ingredient content is lower when compared to a clinical grade skincare product.
  4. Looking for a deep clean? There is a major difference in the quality of clinical and store bought skincare formulas. Often times store bought products do not penetrate below the surface of the skin and fail to correct or heal skin conditions.

Introducing ZO Skin Health

One of the most valuable benefits of clinical grade skincare is its formulas targeted to your skin condition. Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center recommends ZO Skin Health by Dr. Zein Obagi, a scientifically developed skincare solution for all skin types.

Unlike store bought brands, ZO Skin Health delivers safe, effective results guaranteed to improve the current condition of your skin.

ZO Skin Health treatments use prescribed products from healthcare professionals and unique protocols for correcting a variety of skin conditions, such as acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and sun damage.

Dr. Obagi’s Daily Preventative Skin Care line works to maintain therapeutic treatment results, as well as provide effective, non-medical skincare solutions to maintain the longevity of your skin.

ZO Medical products offer advanced, therapeutic solutions to keep your skin healthy, even below the surface. The ZO Medical line represents Dr. Obagi’s latest ideas for creating and maintaining healthy skin with therapeutic treatments, prescription pharmaceuticals, and products that treat a long list of skin conditions for every age.

Interested in learning more about ZO Skin Health solutions? Visit Dr. Obagi’s website (https://shop.zoskinhealth.com/) for additional information on how scientifically designed clinical skincare can change your skin for the better.

Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center is dedicated to providing our patients with medical and aesthetic services guaranteed to improve skin health. Want to learn more about the benefits of switching to clinical grade skincare? Call up today for your complimentary 15 minute consultation with Lazarri. (561) 353-2265.