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Labs and Allergy Testing

At Brazelia Med Spa, we offer complete lab testing to ensure you are maintaining optimal health. We can help you determine if you are suffering from anything from a food or environmental allergy or to a hormone or vitamin deficiency or toxicity.

We currently offer tests for:

  • Allergy Testing
  • Hormones Testing
  • Food Sensitivity Tests
  • Vitamin Testing
  • Neurotransmitter Testing
  • Telomere Testing

Allergy Testing

Did you know 37 million Americans suffer from allergies? Many allergies and sensitivities go unnoticed and untreated, as they can develop during different stages of life. Wouldn’t you want to know if there was something causing you discomfort that you could change? Now you can.

Comprehensive Panel

We can do a comprehensive test for both environmental and food allergies through IgE testing and/or Bloodprint panels. Bloodprint paneling lets you know exactly which foods you should be eating, and which ones to avoid. IgE testing can help determine a life threatening allergy—before you have a reaction.

Food Sensitivity Tests

The food sensitivity tests precisely pinpoint your system’s reaction to common foods you consume regularly. Symptoms from food sensitivity include weight-gain, migraine headaches, fatigue, bloating, lethargy, stomach pain, irritable bowel and hormone imbalances, to name just a few.

Identifying these foods and eliminating them from the diet can improve one’s quality of life dramatically.

  • Gluten Test

    Gluten awareness is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. Many people are freely choosing to eliminate gluten from their diet, but then realize they feel better than ever. This specific test will determine if you have even the slightest sensitivity gluten containing foods, like pasta and bread.

  • Candida

    Candida is a fungus that grows in your gut and helps to balance your internal ecosystem. Though healthy and effective at a normal level, consuming too much sugar or alcohol or even taking antibiotics can offset that balance.

    Overgrown candida can cause brain fog, mood swings, sugar cravings, and other symptoms. This test determines if your candida is at a healthy level or if there is a need for treatment.

  • Milk Subfraction

    Milk protein is made up of 5 parts that belong to two common groups: whey and casein. If you are sensitive or allergic to milk, this test provides a more in depth analysis of your reactivity to various parts of milk.

  • Egg Subfraction

    Egg subfraction determines if you are allergic to the yolk or the white of the egg.

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