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Archive for October, 2019

Neurotransmitter Testing Can Help to Diagnose a Number of Conditions

The human body is a very complex unit comprised of various systems and subsystems. Neurotransmitters are an important aspect of this. They work around the clock to help ensure coordination between the different parts of the body. Neurotransmitters relay signals between different parts of the brain and also communicate with different body parts. To date, […]

Out of Town Patients

Patients come to Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center for treatment from all over the world to work with Dr. Lazzari and her amazing staff, and daily, many from around the world visit Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center website to seek services and information about our premier programs for many areas of health and life healing from many ailments. Dr. Lazzari thanks you for continual support and blesses all visitors near and far seeking health and happiness!

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