Athletes are involved in a number of rigorous physical activities during the course of their training and the events in which they participate. Not only does this require constant physical exertion, it exposes athletes to the risk of injuries.

Sports injuries are not just painful, they can affect the athlete’s health. Being forced to sit on the sidelines and miss games due to this can affect an athlete’s career and the way their team competes. Because of this, quick recovery is essential. If you’re an athlete looking for a solution to a sports injury, you may be interested in prolotherapy.

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy, or proliferation therapy, is used to aid in quick healing for sports-related issues. This treatment is regenerative in nature.

Prolotherapy can be used for any type of sports-related issue. It is commonly used to treat cases of jumper’s knee, runner’s knee, tendinopathy, meniscus tear, post-surgery knee pain, and many other such problems.

This is a natural therapy, meaning the doctor uses natural substances that are completely harmless. It can treat ligaments or tendons that are damaged while also ensuring regrowth, which can help to prevent future problems like osteoporosis or degeneration of joints.

How Prolotherapy Works

Traditionally, sports injuries are treated using steroid injections. Steroids can provide immediate relief but can be degenerative in their effects, leading to long-term negative effects on the joints and further problems.

Prolotherapy, on the other hand, is regenerative in nature. It helps to regenerate damaged parts by allowing new cells to grow. The proliferation, or growth, of new cells is able to fix the damage due to the injury and promotes natural healing.

Prolotherapy involves the use of different substances that are injected into the affected area to promote healing. The type of substance to be injected is decided depending on the details of the injury.

PRPP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma Prolotherapy, is typically used. Plasma assists with a natural and quick healing of the injury. Sugar in the form of dextrose is also used for the treatment. The injection of sugar leads to the production of macrophages that can get rid of irritants in the affected region.

This starts the process of natural healing. The body thus repairs the injury on its own without the need for strong medications that could lead to side effects.

Prolotherapy may need to be administered in more than one session. This depends on the type of injury and its extent. Generally, three to six treatments will be needed for long-term healing and relief. For complicated cases, up to eight treatment sessions may be required. Usually, a gap of a month is given between each treatment session.

The best part of this treatment is that the athlete need not rest while undergoing treatment. They will be encouraged to move about and even exercise slowly. This improves blood flow to the affected part and promotes the production of nutrients that can aid healing. It is truly an effective and natural healing method.

Discover More About Prolotherapy

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