Have you heard about our weight loss and management programs?

Here at Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center, we encourage you to take control of your body by offering a wide variety of individualized weight management programs customized to the unique needs of our patients.

Let Us Show You Results

While many of our treatments help promote weight loss, we believe diet and exercise are essential to effective weight management and healthier, happier living. Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center is dedicated to helping you reach your health goals and practice healthy habits through weight management programs shaped to fit your body and lifestyle.

Our team of health and nutrition experts will meet with you to discuss your plan of action, assisting you along your health journey one step at a time. By focusing on individual health goals, we will create a custom weight loss and management plan you can stick to all year round. We want to see you succeed!

Full Body Rejuvenation and Detoxification

At Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center, we want you to feel good both inside and out. Need an extra pick me up? We also offer a variety of skin and body rejuvenation and detoxification treatments.

Now Introducing: The Zen Bodi Detoxification System

Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center is now offering Zen Bodi by Jeunesse!

The Zen Bodi system is detox program that is scientifically formulated to help normalize leptin and CRP levels in your body, using Zen Shape to fight cravings that lead to overeating.

After exercise, Zen Fit is designed to support muscle recovery, combatting stress hormones and providing the essential building blocks for protein synthesis. Zen Pro then fuels lean muscles and satisfies hunger with 21 grams of high protein and only 140 calories.

Zen Bodi is a multi-functional holistic approach to weight management. To learn more about the science of Zen Bodi’s weight management system, check out this video:

Our Additional Boca Raton Weight Management Programs

We offer patients a number of medically advanced weight loss and management programs to choose from:

  • 6 Week HCG Weight Loss Plan: Our weight loss diet plan is designed to target abnormal body fat and stabilize metabolism. The HCG Weight Loss Plan combines a hormone injection used to help minimize hunger, releasing fat storage in the body as an effective weight loss treatment. Our offer includes 6 weeks of injection therapy and lipo shots.
  • Natural Detox Weight Loss Liver Cleanse: Release the build-up of toxins in your liver through an advanced, all-natural detox cleanse that promotes weight loss and overall wellness.
  • Weight Loss Lipotropic B12 Shot: Enrich your body with a cocktail combining B12, amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals. The Lipotropic Injection targets liver health, which then helps eliminate toxins and fat from your body.
  • Infrared Slimming Blanket & Detoxifying Pressotherapy: This weight loss therapy is a natural alternative to liposuction that combines a slimming blanket and infrared heat technology to burn calories, detox the body, and speed up metabolism, all the while relieving muscle and joint pain and improving blood flow.  

Transform Your Body with Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center

Start this year off right with customized weight loss and management programs by Brazelia Integrative Anti-Aging Center. Whether you’re focused on weight loss or interested in developing a healthier lifestyle, our team of professionals are here to help.

Call today and learn more about detoxification and how we can help you achieve this year’s goals.

To schedule your next consultation, please visit our Book Now Page or contact our Boca Raton office at 561-353-2265.